Shinetech Agile Delivery

Shinetech Agile Delivery

You will learn our best practices of offshore collaboration, business value delivery and how our company works.

Do you know what is the number one thing that employees want most at work? It is that they matter. **Gallup polls (

In software outsourcing area, it had been recognized as a culture difference, even language barrier issue. In western companies, Agile could just be a method for developers working together. In China and India, Agile mindset is a must-have for developers preforming Agile development.Jerry had shared an article last week that reflected on a change that is happening in companies where traditional management methods (arising from the Industrial Era) are being changed to a more people-focused approach. Traditional management would create a whole bunch of rules for people to follow and drive people to deliver on what management wanted (or needed from a profit perspective). People were treated as machines and expected to have an output that would meet certain criteria. This type of management 'pushes' team members in a certain direction rather than allowing the team members to move in a natural direction of their choosing and unique talents. Traditional management does not allow for freedom of expression or work and really is a matter of control. As with most models, change is eventually necessary. As humans continue to learn and grow from past experiences, it becomes necessary to adjust towards a better and more suitable model that allows people the freedom and engagement that they desire so much.

As we shift towards a new model, it is the power within that we need to embrace and promote. We have entered what is known as the 'feedback economy'. Buyers are able to quickly provide feedback on products and services they have received as well as the ability to see and review feedback before they purchase. Buyers are able to engage directly and sellers can no longer hide the issues. This shift brings about a transparency and honesty that previous traditional models did not allow. Companies used to be able to hide their problems easily but the 'feedback economy' exposes these issues and helps the organizations to face their challenges head on. One of the key characteristics of agile delivery is the incorporation of feedback throughout the delivery process. The ability to incorporate feedback loops helps to embrace change so the outcome is useful and what the end user actually needs. At Shinetech, our model allows our team members the ability to interact directly with our clients and also provides a means of feedback for the client to openly share. Our team members are able to join in the planning of work, share opinions, promotion of ideas and freedom to explore options as well as directly see feedback for their accomplishments and work. This helps our team members to be engaged, provides a means for continuous improvement, and helps our team members to feel that THEY are in control of the outcome and not performing for some distant management model. Engaged team members are able to quickly see and know that their work matters...not only as a team member of Shinetech but as a human being.

Everyone wants to believe that their work matters. Humans want to feel needed and valuable and if we create that type of an environment, then our people will WANT to engage. If we have an environment where team members can openly share their opinions, work together to help each other solve challenges, have a sense of belonging and a part of something that they are actually helping to build (and get the reward for directly), then we are able to transform the traditional command and control management and outsourcing models to people driven success and freedom. This helps the environment to not only be engaging but helps 'work' to actually be enjoyable and fun. Can you imagine work to be 'fun' :-)?

I am very excited for the new direction of Shinetech and where this is headed. Our people are the catalyst for change and we have a very bright future!!